To qualify to be in the Subaru Running Series or Jerry’s Short Distance Series you must participate in a minimum of 4 races belonging to the same series.

Series Results

Subaru Running Series Long Distance Points     Subaru Running Series Short Distance Points

Half and Half Results – click here

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NOTE:  Should there be a tie between two participants, we will use the Casablanca Classic as the first tie-breaker.

The second tie-breaker for points is whomever completed more races in the Short or Long Series (depending upon which category the tie is in).

If just one or none of the two participants entered the Casablanca Classic event, we will go back to the last race the both participants entered and will use this race (head to head) as the tie-breaker.

Individual Race Results

Series Champions

2017 Female Series Winner was Karyn Pedersen

2017 Male Series Winner was Robert Shannon

2016 Male Series Champion Denis Kennedy.

2016 Female Series Champion Karyn Pedersen

Year Female Male
2010 Josiane Aboungono Derek Nakluski
2009 Josiane Aboungono Moses Macharia
2008 Josiane Aboungono Josephat Ongeri
2007 Wendy Gaultieri Josephat Ongeri
2006 Josiane Aboungono Henry Githuka
2005 Adela Flista Andre O’Kenge
2004 Adela Flista Predrag Mladenovic
2003 Adela Flista Joseph Nsenguyimva
2002 Adela Flista Michael Bown
2001 Adela Flista Julius Gwako
2000 Terri McCallister Joseph Maina
1999 Adela Flista Guy Scholtz